Bitbaan is the first startup in malware analysis field which is founded by a group of graduates of Sharif University of Tehran in 2016. Bitbaan company produces new products and offers services in IT security area by experts and new ideas. Bitbaan seeks to provide a secure world for all cyberspace users.

BitBaan malware analysis solution (

By using this solution, the files are analyzed in four levels which include: the Multi-AV system, the Sandbox system, the manual analysis, and the component identifying the origin of the malware.


You can automatically analyze a file with 57 antimalware by using BitBaan Multi-AV system.


This system automatically detects malware by examining the static properties of the suspicious file and examining its behavior in a simulated environment.

Manual Analysis

This component has the ability to insert manual analysis report into BitBaan malware analysis solution because it is impossible to identify all malware by automated systems.

Origin of the malware

The origin of malware is identified by manual and automatic methods (crawlers and honeypots).

This system has a Windows application, and its manual is available here. Also, by using our API, you can integrate this system into other systems. The manual of API is available here.