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Every antimalware has settings that may affect its output. The elements that may affect the output are the antimalware version, update date, and the operating system. All of these elements may cause that an antimalware detect a file in BitBaan system as malware, while in the same commercial version of that antimalware, it is not detected as malware. (Or vice versa)
If you are a commercial user, it's possible to use the system offline. This means you can install the system on your own server and use its features offline.
You can automatically scan files or other tasks by using our API. The API documentation is available here.
The origin of the file is determined manually and automatically. In the manual method, BitBaan malware analyst searches the web and social networks for latest published malware. BitBaan also uses Honeypot and Crawler systems to collect files and determine its origin.
The official analysis report is provided by a verified BitBaan malware analyst. Other reports are provided by other individuals and organizations.
You can use the "Private Scan" feature. It is also possible to use the system offline. You can install the system on your own server and use the system features without having to send the files to our server.
You can request the removal of your file by sending an e-mail to malab [at]
You can do this by using our windows application. You can download it from here.
We currently support 40 antimalware for Windows, 12 antimalware for Android and 5 antimalware for Linux. Of course, due to a lack of hardware resources, the number of antimalware software we offer online is less than this number.