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We are always mindful of our responsibility to protect user's privacy. As part of this responsibility, we publish the information we collect and their usage. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand our procedures and practices regarding your information and how we treat it.

Information we collect

BitBaan collects this information from the users when they are working with the system:

  • Personal Information: Your name, last name, username, the hash of the password, and email address will be stored on our servers. Also, the comments and reports you submit on the system will be stored in our database. Storing this information is necessary to identify you, the system's proper operation and notifying users.
  • Device Information: Your IP address will be stored in the system. One of the uses of your IP address is to display the language of the system according to it. Also, the device's specifications, such as the operating system type, version of operating system, browser version, screen resolution will be saved in our system. This information is commonly used to analyze system errors and identify attacks.
  • Submitted files: The files that you send to the system will be stored in the system database. Also, the sender id of the file will be stored.
  • Cookies: We use cookies to remember user’s preferences, such as the selected language.

Disclosure of information

  • Personal Information: We do not share your personal information with other companies, organizations or individuals at all. Only if a person is prosecuted, personal information relating to that person will be provided to the authorities only by providing a valid judicial authority and in accordance with the law.
  • Note: If BitBaan is merged with another company, all personal data will still remain confidential and any decision to transfer users’ information will be informed to users.
  • Registered files and related information: This information will be made publicly available to improve the security of cyberspace. Of course, the entire system database will only be available to verified malware researchers and security labs.


From time-to-time, we may change this privacy policy to accommodate changes to our products, services, new technologies or for other purposes. We will provide notice to you by email if these changes are material.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the BitBaan privacy policy, you can contact us at info [at]